God Is Working!

By Irma Akers | July 16, 2020

When the quarantine started, I prayed and asked God how He would have me serve. One thing I was prompted to do was start a Zoom prayer meeting for the staff at my school (I am a teacher). Even though school ended, we are still meeting every week for prayer.

It has now evolved into a prayer/study Zoom meeting. A few of the teachers who come don’t have any spiritual background but have heavy health needs. Tonight, one of the teachers shared how her faith grew during the livestream of our Easter service. She said she really liked “the priest with the tattoos,” as he was easy to understand.

I had invited her but never knew if she ended up watching the service until tonight! She shared how she typically avoided people who talked to her about the Bible — she didn’t like people telling her what to do! But God’s Spirit has moved in her. She said she struggled with anxiety and stress and only found relief and peace during our prayer times. When we talked about maybe ending our Zoom prayer/study times over the summer she said she would really like to keep on meeting.

I don’t know for sure, but I sense that maybe she made a decision for Christ during the Easter service. Praise God for all the ways He is working!

Irma Akers