Are you new to Fullerton Free and looking for a way to get connected? Do you want to learn a bit more about Fullerton Free before committing to be "all in"? Have you been attending the worship service for a while but still want to know more or find a way to connect? OnRamp may be for you!

OnRamp is a multi-session conversation with presentations by one of our ministry leaders to answer the basic questions of the "who, what, when, where, why, and how" of Fullerton Free. Intended for small groups, couples or even individuals, these intentional meet-ups will cover:

  • Our Story
  • Our Purpose
  • Our Ministry Strategy
  • Your Part in the Fullerton Free Family

These sessions will also introduce you to people, ministries and opportunities to connect and serve here at Fullerton Free. To schedule an OnRamp session or find out more information, please email onramp@fullertonfree.com.


Following our commitment to Christ, it is vital for followers of Jesus to be committed to one another in the context of a local church. In Acts 2, we see God’s people united together in worship, growth, sacrifice, fellowship, service, and citizenship. The scriptures refer to the church as the “body of Christ” and God’s people as “living stones in a spiritual house” where God’s Spirit resides. If you consider Fullerton Free to be your church home, we would highly encourage you to commit yourself as a member of this local family as a fellow servant and worshipper.

Membership at Fullerton Free is achieved through participating in our OnRamp sessions and then going through an interview process.