Here at Fullerton Free, we have an amazing gymnasium and we don’t take it for granted! Our gym is a hub of activity, competitive sportsmanship and community on our campus all week long. We host a number of athletic opportunities and invite you to check them out.


Pick up Basketball sponsored by FCA | Thursday Nights for ages 18-24 only | 7-9pm | Gym

Monday Night League | 6:30pm | Gym

Our basketball league for ages 18+ offers the same competitiveness as a city league with the added element of spiritual emphasis. We believe our league is an opportunity for community and ministry. In light of this, we add components of prayer and a brief half-time devotional. Come check us out and invite friends and neighbors to also join our basketball family. The cost is $75 for a 10 week season, plus playoffs.


Sunday Nights | 7:00pm | Gym

Sunday nights we host competitive indoor soccer pickup games for ages 18+. Feel free to drop in and join us.


Wednesday Nights | Competitive: 8:00pm | Gym

What is Floorball? Think of it as hockey without skates and protective gear. It is played with a light composite stick and a wiffle ball and essentially is a no-contact sport. The rules and tactics for floorball are similar to soccer. Fun fact: It is a professional sport played in over 50 countries. Come out and give it a try! All you need are gym clothes and shoes. All other equipment is provided. We hope you drop by to play.

Hiking Group

Pathfinders hiking group enjoys spending time outdoors appreciating God’s beautiful creativity in nature. There are a variety of hikes, from easy walks to moderate-strenuous day hikes during the year.

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