The Adventure

Join our community of non-married people in our 30s and 40s. We meet together month (usually the third week of every month) for an event such as game nights, pickleball, friendsgiving, etc.

We communicate using What'sApp. To be added to the conversation, contact Cathy Gibson.

TRIVIA NIGHT | Friday | May 17 | 7:00pm | The Well

Come for a fun night of trivia and snacks. Bring a snack to share, if you can.

MOVIE IN THE PARK | Friday | June 21 | 8:00pm | Carbon Canyon Park

Orange County is airing the movie Migration in Carbon Canyon park. Bring a chair or picnic blanket and join us for the fun. Parking is free, if you come near the start of the movie.

PICKLEBALL | Friday | July 19 | 6:00pm | FF— Pickleball Courts

Bring your own dinner and come to hang out before playing pickleball. We're a group of all ability levels and are able to teach any newbies. We'll have a beginners court and a true players court.

DINNER AND MINI GOLF | Friday | August 23 | 6:00pm | Chipotle area off Kraemer and Yorba Linda and Camelot

We'll meet up for dinner at the corner of Kraemer and Yorba Linda Blvd and then head over to Camelot (be there at 7:00pm) for some mini golf fun. Feel free to come to one or both parts.

GAME NIGHT | Friday | September 20 | 7:00pm | Fireside Room

Our third annual game night is here. Bring a game you'd like to share with the group if you have one, or just join in the fun.