The Adventure

Join our community of non-married people in our 30s and 40s. We meet together twice a month.

  • The first Sunday of every month we gather together after service at the Connect Wall and pick a place to go eat together.
  • Usually the third week of every month we gather for an event (game night, pickle ball, friendsgiving, etc.).

We communicate using What'sApp. To be added to the conversation, contact Cathy Gibson.

ESCAPE ROOM | Saturday | February 24 | TBD | TBD

Let's escape the norm and have some fun escaping a room. Details of location and price TBD. The goal is to have some late afternoon reservations and then celebrate our winning escapes over dinner.


Join the Adventure for a March Madness celebration. We'll compete all month long with our brackets, then join together to watch some games (probably Final 4 on Saturday April 6).

LOVE FULLERTON | Saturday | April 20 | TBD

We want to be a group that serves together. When projects come out we'll pick a project or two we can each join. Or if you are committed to join a different project, you can still join us for the Love Fullerton morning rally and lunch celebrations.