“Whoever wants to be great must become a servant.” —Mark 10:43 (The Message)
Jesus modeled what it meant to be a servant. He thought of others first and sought to give them His very best. He ministered to the world and glorified the Father in the process. We’re called to do the same and SERVE—whether in areas where we’re already gifted and equipped, or in areas where there’s a need and you happen to be available. For any day of the week, there are opportunities waiting for you. Won’t you join us?
Giving Self and Giving time while having a great time!

Quick Serve

Not everyone can commit long-term. By signing up to be part of the Quick Serve group, you’ll receive text messages showing short-term, high need requests that you can respond to and be a part of instantly. Quick Serve Signup.

Ministry Serving Opportunities

See the list of ministry serving opportunities here.