Sunday Morning Programs

All Kids Ministry is meeting during the 11:11 service. Check below for the meeting locations of each age group.

Nursery & Infants

11:11am | Nursery

On Sunday morning the nursery is divided into four age groups: Birth–6 months, 7 months–walking, walking–18 months and 19–23 months. The Nursery is located on the first floor of the B building.

Early Childhood

11:11am | A Building classrooms (3 yr olds) and The Commons (4-5 yr olds)

Early Childhood programming is for children 2 years old through Kindergarten. Each class provides a Bible story and Bible learning activities as well as playtime in our playground. Our goal is to help children build a solid spiritual foundation through songs, stories and a variety of learning experiences. Classrooms are located on the first floor of the A building and the second floor of the B building.

Elementary School (1st–4th)

Fullerton Free Kids
11:11am | The Gym

The mission of Fullerton Free Kids is to provide a place where spiritual growth is fostered through Christ centered relationships. At these services kids will experience a time of worship that provides kids the opportunity to learn who God is and engage with their faith through interactive games, singing, Biblical storytelling and times of response.

These services are designed to compliment each other by focusing on the same themes and stories, but each service will interact with the material in it’s own unique way, helping it to feel fresh and engaging whether students are attending one or both services.

Small groups meet upstairs in the D building.


*By checking your child(ren) into Sunday programs at Fullerton Free, you are agreeing to this liability and release form.

Additional Rescources

Click on the additional resources button for hands on activities designed to accompany the lesson each week. These lessons include ideas for both preschoolers and kinder-4th grades. Hopefully these activities offer an extra way for families to connect with the message.



On the Fullerton Free Kids Crew

There are many opportunities to serve throughout the year, have an impact and help change lives in Fullerton Free Kids.


Cindi Schneider
Early Childhood Coordinator
714-257-4349  |

Ana Fierro
Sunday Nursery Coordinator
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Miriam Mohler
Ministry Assistant
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