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We are a praying people, believing that our prayers are acts of obedience and communication with God, and that our God answers prayer. So at Fullerton Free, we are serious about prayer—whether we’re saying “Please, please, please” or “Thank you, thank you, thank you” or even “Help! Help! Help!” God is always listening, always responding, always loving us. Please let us know how we might pray with you or celebrate your answer to prayer. Click the button above to submit a prayer request via email.


“Prayer Somewhere" – a weekly prayer gathering in a mystery location – is back for Fall 2019! Sign up for the “Prayer” Push Notifications in the Set-Up section of the app to get a reminder of when and where each Prayer Somewhere will take place.

10/1 in The Commons at 9pm
10/11 in The Chapel at 8am
10/19 in The Preschool Playground at 11am
10/21 in The Worship Center Lobby 7am
10/31 in Conference Room B at 10am
11/6 in NC-190 at 7pm
11/16 in The Well at 5pm
11/21 in The Gym at 3pm
12/5 in The Greenroom at 6am
12/11 in The Worship Center lobby at 8pm
12/16 on the top of the Parking Structure 9pm