The holidays are coming . . . and all that the season brings. It can be both a beautiful and a complicated time. Complicated by a frenzy of activities and over-scheduling, a consumerism-driven focus, painful relationships with family or all of the above. Beautiful, knowing we celebrate the birth of Jesus, our true King. This Christmas, we invite you to prepare your hearts for the season, worship our King who was and is and is to come, and give joyfully as you prepare alongside friends.

Our groups and events are open for newcomers and ‘veterans’ alike. If you have questions or would like help deciding which group is right for you, we are happy to help.

Jenn Hale, Shepherd of Women's Ministry

Katie Smylie, Shepherd of Growth Ministries





Thursday | December 2 | 7-8:30pm | The Well

Book: Come Lord Jesus: The Weight of Waiting by Kris Camealy

Whether you’ve never thought about the season of Advent before or you’re a seasoned Advent observer, we think you’ll enjoy this book and we want to discuss it with you! Join us on the evening of Dec. 2 for hot apple cider and a rich discussion of the first two readings, then continue reading on your own for the rest of December—spending a moment of each day focusing on the gift of Jesus.

Book description: Come, Lord Jesus is a companion in the waiting season of Advent offering permission to exhale. It’s a quiet invitation to sit with the weight of waiting, and recount the faithfulness of God, to trace the hope of Christmas, and prepare the way for Jesus’ coming into the world, into our own hearts, into our everyday, ordinary time. With its offering of a daily reading, a reflection, prayer, and reflective questions for you to contemplate, this book is a welcome “friend” to readers during Advent or any other season of waiting.



Sunday, November 28 - Thursday, December 9 | Delivered by Email

Beginning November 28, check your email for twelve daily Advent devotionals written by some of our FF staff as well as some of our Women’s Blog writers. If you are already subscribed to our e-News, you will automatically receive these. If you are not subscribed and would like to be, click here.



Thursday | December 9 | 7pm | The Chapel

(Hot Cocoa bar beforehand at 6:30pm in the Fireside Room)

Join us for a churchwide, Advent-themed night of worship. We will gather together to prepare our hearts for the season ahead, to remember why Christ came to earth, and to praise the King of Kings!


GIVE A GIFT (and don't do it alone)

Monday & Tuesday | December 13 & 14 | 7pm | In Local Homes

Gather in groups of 8–10 to decorate wreaths to give as gifts to friends & neighbors! We will have warm drinks to sip and snacks to share. We will provide all the craft supplies needed to glam up the wreaths, making special gifts to share with those in your circles.

$15 covers three wreaths per person, snacks and drinks.



Women’s Ministry groups will be studying the book of Romans together during 2021-2022. We will explore the clear and simple truth of the gospel and unite in purpose to be transformed by the study of God’s Word. Choose how you study by curriculum, time of day, or day of the week. Some, but not all studies offer childcare.

Romans Video Archive: For the most recent lesson, click below and under "More from Women's Ministry" select the second box from the top.

IN HIS PRESENCE: Monday Evening (co-ed)

Mondays | Beginning September 13 | 7-8:30pm | C-212

Begins: September 13, 2021

Leader: Kathy Gunn
Book: Life Lessons From Romans: God's Big Picture by Max Lucado

ENGAGE: Tuesday Morning

Tuesdays | Beginning September 14 | 9:30-11:30am | Main Campus C-202

Begins: September 14, 2021

Leader: Natalie Balzora
Book: The Book of Romans: A verse-by-verse study developed by women’s ministry leaders/teachers from Fullerton Free.

IGNIGHT: Tuesday Evening

Tuesdays | Beginning September 21 | 7-8:30pm | Fireside Room

Begins: September 21, 2021

Leader: Cindy Taylor
Book: Romans: The Good News That Changes Everything by Melissa Spoelstra

A PLACE FOR YOU: Wednesday Morning

Wednesdays | Beginning September 8 | 9-11:30am | North Campus Multipurpose Room

Begins: September 8, 2021

Leaders: Marilyn Allmon, Donna Warren, Sandy Colvin
Book: The Book of Romans: A verse-by-verse study developed by women’s ministry leaders/teachers from Fullerton Free.

THE PURSUIT: Thursday Morning (childcare available)

Thursdays | Beginning September 9 | 9-11:30am | Commons

Begins: September 9, 2021

Leader: Karen Eckberg
Book: The Book of Romans: A verse-by-verse study developed by women’s ministry teachers and leaders from Fullerton Free.


Feeling safer by staying at home? Follow along with our Romans Bible study and watch the recorded Pursuit teachings from the comfort of your home.

Purchase Curriculum Here
Women's Bible Study Book Only 21/22


Fridays | Beginning September 10 | 9-11:15am | Commons

Begins: September 10, 2021

Coordinator: Karolyn Morrison
*Childcare Provided


Single Moms Connection

1st Wednesday of the month | Beginning September 1 | 7-8:30pm | North Campus 120

You are seen! Come and be known. Single Moms Connection is a place for you to come take a breath from all you are juggling. Be encouraged with a brief devotional, reflect, connect, and share resources.

Dates: September 1, October 6, November 3, & December 1
No registration is needed. Email Jenn Hale with any questions.

Joy in the Journey (Encouragement for Widows)

2nd & 4th Tuesday of the month | Beginning September 14 | 10-11:30am | Fireside Room

We are all on a journey, but how much easier it is when we travel together! Come and join with other women who are on the same path of widowhood as we laugh, maybe cry, and learn together through God’s word how to navigate this next part of our lives with joy.

Leader: Pat Bartosiewski
Dates: September 14 & 28, October 12 & 26, November 9 & 23, & December 8 & 22. No registration is needed.

Moms of Special Needs Kids

Two Mondays a Month | 9-11am | C212

Together In The Psalms: We discuss a new psalm each time we meet as well as encourage each other and share prayer requests. No registration needed. Email Jenn Hale for more info.

Leaders: Jenn Hale & Shelia Arnold                                                                                                                                                                                            Dates for 2021: Oct 4, 18, Nov 8, 15, Dec 6, 13


Begins Fall, 2021

Beginning mid-September…this is our year to live All For Love.

This year we embrace the transformative power of love, to the point where it starts to affect everything we do — the way we talk to our kids, interact with strangers, handle disappointments, celebrate victories, make decisions. When love floods into our lives, it all shifts. It results in less doom-scrolling, more conversation. Less comparison, more community. Less fear, more confidence. More over-the-top displays of compassion. More patience. More life in our souls. This year, love will save us. In fact, it already has, because love’s name is Jesus.

MOPS & MOMSnext are available to a wide range of moms. If you're a pregnant mom still waiting to meet your little one, a mom to school aged kiddos, a working mom or stay-at-home mom, YOU are welcome here!

Please visit http://www.fullertonmops.com/ to register and for the most up-to-date information about meetings.

Here are the dates for MOPS/MOMSnext:

Fall 2021

This fall, we are excited to offer two convenient meeting options.

TUESDAY MORNINGS 9-11:25am (childcare available)
September 14
September 28
October 12
October 26
November 9
November 30

September 16
September 30
October 14
October 28
November 11
December 2

Woman of Value

Thursdays | Beginning October 7 | 7-9pm | C-212

A Woman of Value is a six-week course intended to teach women how to improve all earthly relationships through a full acceptance of who they are through God’s eyes. Principles taught include the importance of self-worth, healthy communication, forgiveness and respecting our differences.

Leader: Sandi Dickerson
Register Here: Woman of Value

Abortion Recovery Class

You might think you will never get over your abortion. You may even think you should feel the regret, shame, and loneliness of this decision made recently or long ago.

That is just not true.

You deserve to find healing and forgiveness in a nonjudgmental and caring environment. We understand and want to help you become the woman or man you were meant to be, free and thriving.

Class fee is covered by Fullerton Free.

This 10-week class helps women and men (in separate classes) emotionally and spiritually process their struggles following an abortion. With a small class size and compassionate support, you will find the courage to face the pain of a previous abortion or abortions, no matter how many years it’s been.


Dates & Times

Please check back for 2021 Class Information

Please contact Kathryn Dieters for locations and more information. living-well.org