We have more than 60 missionaries currently deployed around the world and who are engaged in preaching, teaching, evangelism, administration, literacy training, compassion, development and Bible translation.

Short Term Trips

Each year we offer short term trip experiences to church members to partner with our missionaries furthering their work of reaching the lost and creating discipleship moments where we can fulfill God’s Great Commission personally and grow in our faith and dependence. For more information about any of our trips or how you can support someone you know going on a trip, email

Africa Hope

We partner with African churches in the Great Lakes region (Rwanda, Congo, Burundi) in the areas of evangelism, discipleship, church leader training, funding and support of compassion-based ministries. For more information, write to

Dai Project

We actively promote a viable indigenous church among the Dai people, also known as as the Tai Lue of Southeast Asia. We send missionaries and support local ministries to reach the Dai/Tai Lue and their neighboring people groups with the Gospel of Christ. For more information, write to

Missionary in Training

We recruit, train and guide missionary candidates into healthy engagement in strategic ministries around the world. For more information, write to