Worship at Fullerton Free

Corporate worship at Fullerton Free, like worship universally, exists solely for the glory of God. Here at Fullerton Free we affirm the utilization of an intentionally diverse breadth of expression that is shaped by the various gifts, passions, and experiences of individuals in our local church body, and replicated indistinguishably across multiple gatherings. We’re continually seeking diversity in our musical and non-musical worship and are always looking for people that are passionate about leading with humble excellence for the glory of God.


Sunday Worship Services

Join us every Sunday as we gather together in community to worship God through our interaction, our singing, our giving, our service, and our thoughtful reflection on God's word.

SERVICE TIME: 9:30am in our Worship Center


Serving in Fullerton Free Music Ministry

We are excited about what God is doing through music in our community at Fullerton Free. We recognize that underneath the umbrella of “musical gifts” are many types of giftings – some are songwriters, some are worship leaders, some are lead vocalists or instrumentalists, and some are choir singers. We care greatly about empowering you to serve in the ways you are gifted and called.

Serving on the music team requires an audition. We have some minimum skill requirements and expectations, which include the ability to sing/play to a metronome, the ability to play in any key, a proficiency and excellence in your skill, and knowing how to blend and fit in with a band/choir.

If you are interested in serving with our music team, please fill out the serving interest form below.

We look forward to meeting you!

Creative Arts Pic

Serving in Creative Arts

Arts Collective Gathering

Do you have interest in creative arts? Do you dance, write, video, paint, craft, make banjos, etc.? Here at Fullerton Free, we believe in using our creative gifts to glorify God and to help people draw closer to Him in worship. We would love to find a place for you to serve using the creative gifts God has given you!

The Arts Collective Gathering happens once a month. Creatives of all kinds will gather, inspire, dream and create. Upcoming events will be listed below. You can also contact Liz Hetzel to be added to the Arts Collective list to get updates about projects and events or if you have any questions!


Serving in Technical Ministries

Technical ministries are an important expression of worship here at Fullerton Free. We are always looking for people who are skilled and passionate to serve. If you are looking to serve in our technical ministries, we would love to find a place for you to serve with us. Let us know of your interest and availability via the button below. Please contact Liz Hetzel for inquiries and general questions.