In It Together

by Allison White

May 16, 2018

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Barbara Perrance
Cathy Hinson
Tiffany Laubhan
Lindsey Lee
Sheri Brown
Sharon White
Ali Ouderkerken

What do these women have in common? They each showed me Jesus. There are others like them, of course—too many to name—but these are some of the women who have walked beside me and have given me grace. Who taught me the Word. Who loved me like He loves me. Who continue to point me to Him because their lives point to Him.

Their names cause me to stop and wonder . . . Whom am I pointing to Jesus? Is my life so full of HIS grace, HIS peace, HIS love that others see HIM in me? Am I speaking HIS truth even when it’s uncomfortable?

That’s what we will be thinking about and discussing at our Women’s Ministry Summer Series, IN IT TOGETHER: Discipling through Community. On five Wednesday evenings, from May 30 to June 27, we will feature video-based teaching from the IF:Gathering conference with speakers Jennie Allen, Jill Briscoe, Jo Saxton and Britt & Kate Merrick.

Because if we gather to be with Jesus and to know Him more, then we can go and give Jesus away to the people in our lives. That’s discipleship—so often we complicate it, overthink it or fear it. We second-guess our abilities or, even worse, His power to work in and through us to be disciples who make disciples. And yet the methods are simple, they are clear and they are demonstrated by Jesus Himself.

Come gather with us. Be with Jesus with us. Give Jesus away with us.


Video teaching from the “IF:Gathering,” including Jennie Allen, Jill Briscoe and others, plus small group discussion.

Wednesdays, May 30–June 27, 7:00-8:30 pm

Five weeks; come for one or come for all five.

No homework, no cost, but please register so we can save a place for you! Registration available online or on the plaza.

P.S. You know those names I listed earlier? Come to week five and Jennie Allen will challenge you to come up with your own list of women who have pointed you to Jesus—and help you think about whom you might point to Him in turn.

Allison White is part of the Women's Ministry Team

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