Come. Choose . . .

by Christina Marandola

July 10, 2019


I woke up in my hotel room in London, England, at the end of two weeks’ vacation. Somehow the expectation I had for the total refreshment that would come from being away for two weeks wasn’t satisfying me. I didn’t feel rested, and I didn’t feel refreshed. Sure, having a break meant something important to me and the vacation was fun, but my emotional stressors and taxing burdens still seemed to weigh on me . . . even though, from the outside, people would think that the vacation I just took would provide great relief. 

There’s something funny about life’s seasons. You can’t escape the rhythm of the ups and downs. They just come. And no amount of vacation will solve those deep aches that the more challenging seasons bring. 

I’m learning that unless I figure out where to place my burdens, the weight of them will eventually rob my joy and steer me to be bitter, resentful and self-absorbed. Life is hard! But my heart senses the tender whisper of Jesus, “Give me your burdens… let Me carry them for you.”

I feel my heart resist, “But, what does that mean?” 

And Jesus answers, “Christina – release. Breathe. Trust. Remember who I am, who I’ve said you are, how I love you and know you, how you have a hope that supersedes this life and can seek Me for wisdom.” 

I continually find myself wanting to logically understand how to give my burdens to Jesus, but what Jesus softly reminds me is that this isn’t something to logically deduce. It’s a choice. Jesus says, “Come to me, all you who are weary and burdened, and I will give you rest” (Matt 11:28). 

Come. Choose. Release. Trust.

It is only in the truth of who Christ is, how He loves us, and who He says we are that we find real strength. Saturating our thoughts in Christ is what brings us perspective and offers us true rest – you know, the kind that our hearts are really longing for. 

As we enter the summer and anticipate times of refreshment and fun, would we not only long for the vacations. Let’s long for Jesus.

Christina serves on our staff in the music ministry. She loves spending time with family and friends and learning new things about, well . . . anything!

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