The One True Light of Christmas

By Daniel Kim | December 19, 2019

Each year, more than a thousand people come to Fullerton Free and gather in the Worship Center to watch an annual Christmas program. What makes this exceptional, however, is that the event is led by Fullerton Free’s Special Needs ministry. When you stop and think about it, it really is something special that a major event for one of the most significant seasons of the Christian faith is led by our Special Needs ministry — and this packs the house!

I am always deeply moved to see our folks do things that many thought they would never have the opportunity to do on a big stage: dance in a choreographed routine, star in a play, perform magic, be a puppeteer, present the gospel through the reading of Scripture . . . it is truly amazing to see our Worship Center fill up with folks who want to enjoy themselves by supporting this very special group. People cheer. People laugh. People cry.

The theme this year was The Light of Christmas. Indeed, Jesus is the light, bringing bright hope to the dark recesses of this world. His light shines vividly, and yet many are unable to see the gift Jesus offers. This is precisely why it was very fitting that it was the Special Needs group who presented this message last Sunday. Their lives require a hope that goes beyond the physical. Each day there is a part of the physical world that must be overcome, and this gives them the distinct ability to see – and shine – the Light better than many “able-bodied” persons. Sometimes physical eyes can distract from the true picture; sometimes we see disability when there is capacity, scars when there is beauty, foolishness when there is joy in the gospel. But those on the stage last Sunday helped me to see that there is so much more than this world typically applauds and that there is a beaming hope that goes beyond our own ability to achieve.

I think it is this very reflection of Jesus that is the reason so many come to this event every year. Not only are we thrilled to see people go beyond their usual means to do something spectacular, but we are attracted to what shines through them and to the hope that is offered by the One True Light who overwhelms the darkness – it reminds us that we all are created in His image.

-Daniel Kim