bob ross photo

Bob Ross Paint Night

By Allie Echaves | March 10, 2022

On February 25th, our elementary families gathered in the Family Room for a Bob Ross Paint Night! The families followed along to Bob Ross’s “Quiet Pond” episode where we heard all about the “happy trees” and “excited water” he painted! It was a beautiful sight to watch families talk, laugh, and rush to keep up with painting their bushes yellow ochre! A parent brought a Bob Ross shirt from home and shared his love for Bob Ross since he was a child! Many of the students enjoyed creating their very own masterpiece of houses, Bob Ross himself, and scenery. It was a beautiful reminder of God’s love and presence in the simplest aspects of life. He has the ability to create community even through a video made 20 years ago and paint with silly names! We are grateful for the strokes Jesus leaves behind from nights like these!