An Invitation

by Katie Smylie

September 2, 2020


Growing up on the other side of the country, the summer was full of green hills, fireflies and intense thunderstorms. As a child living in a house with no air conditioning, it was hard to know when September rolled around if it was time to celebrate relief from the heat or time to mourn the loss of those glorious summer pool days. In my twenties, I made my way to San Diego and reveled in near-perfect weather all year long. Oh, but when I moved to Brea, nothing could have prepared me for the heat of late August. You live here, you know what I am talking about. I watched as the hills turned from green to brown and then an even deadlier shade of brown. At the end of September, I remember asking a friend, “so does this ever end or what?” The answer came with a bit of a scrunched up face and a shrug, “kind of.”

Welcome to the desert, my dear.

2020 started off with the promise of a new life with a new year. And then we were collectively welcomed to the desert of this pandemic. We asked questions we have never asked before, grieved losses and so often wondered when it’s all going to end. God has never stopped working in the midst of crisis. He is the giver of life and the one who makes something out of nothing. Whether your heart is stuck in March or longing for next summer, God is with you on September 2, 2020 . . . and He will be here tomorrow and until forever.

Women’s Ministry would like to invite you to grow together with us in 2020-2021. We have options for mothers to connect in MOPS or MOMSnext, for our avid readers to discuss a book together, for prayer times and for Bible studies. Our studies will all be diving into the Book of Genesis, learning about the Creator of the Universe, the God who sees it all. We know you have seen the importance of connection these last few months, so why not tend to the new life that is waiting to bloom?

Join us for our kick-off prayer event on top of the parking structure on Saturday, September 5, at 9:00 am. For all the information on our other events and groups, please head to our website.

With excitement,

Katie Smylie, Shepherd of Women’s Ministry
Allison White, Associate Shepherd of Women’s Ministry
Shannon McWatters, Women’s Ministry Assistant