Saints Together – 1 Corinthians Response Service

March 12, 2023

for the series  at the
from the book of

1 Corinthians Response

  1. How is the resurrection life of Jesus affecting my daily life and the lives of those in my circle?
    • Father, thank you for this victorious life I have in Christ. Holy Spirit, empower me to be steadfast, immovable, and always abounding in the work of the Lord knowing my labor is not in vain.
  2. What would it look like for me to grow in love? Is there a specific step I can take toward attaining this goal?
    • Jesus, your love has changed everything in my life. Holy Spirit, bring to my mind the ways I am revealing your love, and show me also the areas of my daily life where I am failing to show love.
  3. What are specific areas in my life where I am seeking my own advantage? How can I lay these down for the glory of God and the good of others?
    • Holy Spirit, give me the humble, sacrificial heart of Jesus, that I may play my designated part in your united church and as an ambassador of the Kingdom of God.
  4. How comfortable am I with uncertainty? What is one step I can take towards trusting God in the midst of my questions and living graciously towards those who have different opinions than me?
    • God, give me more faith in you and less confidence in my own understanding, so that I can be more loving to my fellow man and more comfortable in my own uncertainty.
  5. What similarities do I think every church in every age have had? What differences have I seen between the church in ancient Corinth and our church today?
    • God, thank you that you preserve your church through the ages. Jesus, thank you for redeeming us all. Holy Spirit, give me discernment to understand and apply your timeless truth to my life while observing your unique work in people in other times and circumstances.


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