We at Fullerton Free believe that every human being is an image bearer of God Himself. We believe that God loves justice, and has commanded us to stand with Him in addressing injustice as we meet it. We believe that God loves mercy, and that we should care deeply whenever someone, anyone, in our community is suffering. We believe that God loves righteousness, and that there is an expectation that our own lives would be transformed by the work of the Holy Spirit in how we might change our thoughts and behavior.

It is our hope to provide a range of perspectives on the issues of racism, privilege, justice and systemic problems both culturally and within Fullerton Free. We encourage you to read, watch, listen, pray and reflect on what you might learn. Offering a range of perspectives means that there are resources listed here that you may not agree with; there are resources here we don’t agree with.

We will tell you that the Bible should inform and direct your reading, rather than the other way around. The books (and other information) on these lists are not, and should not be, our canon for how we think about any issue.

Still, we encourage you to:

  • Read outside your comfort zone.
  • Read to learn and understand.
  • Read to stir your heart.
  • Read because we are commanded to love our neighbor.

We may think everything is “okay” from our perspective, but if our neighbor is struggling, then the least we can do is endeavor to understand where they are coming from and what they may be feeling. The best we can do is to come alongside them and fight against injustice and hatred; all while remaining firmly rooted in biblical truth and sound theology.