The Gift of Jesus

By Jenn Hale | December 22, 2020

Isaiah 9:6-7 is part of a prophecy given by Isaiah, describing the coming Messiah. It was given to the Kingdom of Judah, in the midst of great political turmoil. In these verses Isaiah uses four names to describe this coming Messiah: Wonderful Counselor, Mighty God, Everlasting Father, and Prince of Peace.

Remarkably, these names were a huge contrast to the human political leadership that the people had been experiencing; a Wonderful Counselor instead of senseless brutality and chaos, a Mighty God instead of gods or leaders who could be conquered, an Everlasting Father instead of family members turning on each other, and a Prince of Peace instead of the endless wars and battles that had been their constant reality.

How interesting that the prophet Isaiah chooses words to describe the coming Messiah that cannot be used to describe any earthly human. And how wonderful for us that we now live on the other side of this prophecy and have access to this Messiah and all that he is and all that he offers, right now. As I read this passage this year, the immense gift of all of who Jesus is hit me in a new and fresh way. Perhaps some of these names might strike a chord with you as they did with me this year.

Maybe you are in the middle of a crisis or dilemma that seems as if there is no earthly solution. Has all human counsel seemed empty or not enough? Are you jaded and cynical from earthly leadership that has fallen flat or disappointed you? Perhaps you need to cling to the Wonderful Counselor, a name that means that he is a counselor or advisor that is ultimately wise and extraordinarily good.

Are you weary with all that 2020 has brought on? Do you feel like you’re at the end of your rope and can’t do this anymore on your own? What a relief to know that we can shift our gaze and give our burdens to the Mighty God whose power never fails and whose might can’t even be fully comprehended.

The next name resonates strongly with me because this year I lost my father unexpectedly. I needed this reminder that those who trust in God will never be without a father. But maybe for you, family has failed you in some other way or not been the safe place it was intended to be. Maybe relatives have been a source of hurt rather than healing this year. We will all do well to remember that He is our Everlasting Father who will never leave us or forsake us.

2020 was a year that brought the lives of many into a constant state of chaos in various degrees. Like me, do you need your soul stilled by the only one who is a sure place of rest? May we be intentional about abiding in the Shalom offered by the Prince of Peace.

It’s hard for me to wrap my head around the fact that Jesus is all of these things. But He is. He is all, and He is enough. And that is the gift I needed most this year.

Jenn Hale