The Flock On Our Block

By Bambi Encarnacion | April 2, 2020

A couple of weeks ago, my husband Gerry and I dropped off bags of popcorn to each of our neighbors’ homes with a note that said, “Something to let you know we care that you have treats as you watch TV” and letting them know our names, phone number and our home address. This was a small gift to let others know we’re here for them. This opened up texts of thanks and sharing of names, four of whom we’ve not met before. These texts led to an invitation for a cul-de-sac gathering by one of our neighbors, who is also a sister in the Lord.

Last Sunday, at 5:30 pm, eight out of the ten homes on our cul-de-sac set out our tables complete with patterned tablecloths and centerpieces. We each brought our dinner and had a meal “together” following social distancing guidelines, of course. We even had live music going since one of our neighbors happens to be the music director at one of the local high schools. He brought out his ukulele and sound system as we sang to the music of the Beatles. It was a heartwarming and delightful evening — a welcome break from the unique tensions of this season.

As Gerry and I went from table to table, we found out neighbors’ names and what they did for a living. We asked them how they were feeling about the current season we’re in and noted that some of them were in the medical field, exhausted and concerned about the demands on their time and energy, anticipating that it will be worse in the coming weeks. We asked them how we could be praying for them. This opened up a deeper conversation regarding concerns for children, or for an elderly parent. We plan to place Post-it Notes by their door with a Bible verse of encouragement and that we’re praying for them. We hope these steps will lead to a conversation about faith in Jesus, but for right now, God calls us to care for this “flock on our block.”

I’m amazed to see what God can do to have His light shine in the darkness. His plan for the spread of His Kingdom will prevail, no matter what. Small things can make a large impact for the Kingdom in the hands of the Master. How small? Well, perhaps as small as a bag of popcorn — or smaller yet — a virus.

Bambi Encarnacion