Sisters Zooming With Sisters

By Natalie Balzora | April 25, 2020

Our Engage women’s small group meets weekly during the year and then takes summers off. We were transitioning to this mode of going to a monthly restaurant meet-up when we unexpectedly got the word “stay home.” It was odd and a bit jarring. We skipped our first restaurant get together and soon a month had passed of no meetings at all with each other. So, we decided to meet electronically via Zoom. Zoom? What’s Zoom? We explained that Zoom was like a conference call but visual. We really fumbled around the first time with the technology, but once we were on board, seeing each other’s faces made us beam with joy! We enjoyed our time chatting and praying for each other so much that we decided to resume our meetings weekly. We were supposed to be on “break” but didn’t realize how much we missed each other and needed to be together.

Since reuniting in this fashion, we share, pray and have a devotional or testimony. We have been able to add some women that are no longer part of our group because they had moved out of the area. One of those women was our last lead; she has had a stroke and even contracted Covid-19. While quarantined in rehab, she has not been allowed to have visitors since February, even family visits were stopped by the facility. We have been praying for her since the stroke in January but imagine, she prayed for us too! We got to hear her share about the Lord’s nearness and how He loves her even though she is limited as to what she can do for Him, “He just loves me anyway!” Another gal was one of our former members who is now a missionary in France — we interacted with her from there as she joined the study too.

I feel as if our eyes have been opened to new possibilities and reaching out both among ourselves, but also to others. Praying for each other has increased in time and depth; our hearts are open and inviting each other in, like sisters, because we are. We studied Job during the year and we feel that the Lord gave us a gift and prepared us for this very season of both the unexpected and how to be friends of the hurting. By this He has comforted us and shown His faithful presence.

P.S. I’ve got to tell you though, we’ve had some fun too; mini-home tours and even a pajama party. Who would have thunk!

Natalie Balzora