Sidewalk Church

By Kimberly Long | May 14, 2020

Gathering for church out on the sidewalk? Singing worship songs on the grass in the front yard? Reading Scripture from our camp chairs with neighbors? These activities were NOT on our radar before March 2020. You can probably relate — who could have guessed that we would do months of streaming sermons from our living rooms? But here we are, about eight weeks in, a new rhythm of connecting with our neighbors and a new way to worship on Sunday mornings. In mid-March we collaborated with friends on how to bless those on our block during this season of lock down. We had been hosting a rotating Supper Club recently and wanted to keep our connections going, find ways to hear how people were coping and offer prayer. We’ve held many front yard socials, but never one that was this spiritually intentional. It felt a bit risky to me. Would anyone show up? Since March 29, we’ve had distanced-but-gathered neighbors stop by each week, even on Easter. We are multi-generational and we represent several churches; those missing their regular Sunday routine but also some who don’t attend church regularly at all. Our friends who attend the Church of Latter Day Saints have joined many times and enjoy the hymns we’ve sung together. One Sunday we had the privilege to pray over a woman getting ready to deliver her first child in the midst of this challenging time and then give thanks to the Lord after her safe delivery. One neighbor attended last week — we’ve been praying for her salvation for 18 years! It’s no surprise that the Lord can work in unexpected ways and in unexpected places. We look forward to these small gatherings each week, meeting new neighbors and “doing church” together in the yard.

Kimberly Long