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HSM Highlights At Havasu

By Stephanie Tanquary | May 13, 2021

Two weekends ago our senior class in the High School Ministry went on their last retreat to Havasu for a water ski trip. IT WAS A BLAST and a really special time with this class as they are ending their time in High School Ministry. This trip was special because it was our first retreat back in action and I am really glad it was with this class. This group of students has the unique story of experiencing their senior year during the pandemic and navigating many disappointments along the way. They have been resilient and chosen to find joy in the midst of a challenging year and it was really fun to just watch them laugh their heads off on the back of a tube being whipped around a lake.

I started working in the High School Ministry four years ago when this class was entering their freshman year. I have a special place in my heart for this class because I feel like we grew up together. I have learned so much alongside them my first four years of youth ministry and I have watched them grow an enormous amount over the years. Together we have been on many mission trips, summer camps, winter camps and retreats. I have watched them be stretched in their relationship with God, go through hard seasons, be challenged to serve, step into leadership roles, experience doubt, ask hard questions and be good friends to each other.

I am sad that they are leaving HSM because their presence brings me a lot of joy. They are hilarious, talented, wild, courageous and kind. I will miss their joy and leadership in HSM but I am pumped for them to become christian adults and enter into our church and other churches in new capacities. Watching students graduate into christian adulthood and leave their youth is beautiful, challenging and exciting (I can’t imagine what it must be like to be a parent). As we spent time reflecting on what God has taught them and stories and experiences we shared together Saturday night at retreat, I couldn’t help thinking about God’s faithfulness. God has been so faithful to this group of students. God has been so faithful this year in the midst of hard times to bring them comfort, and God will continue to be faithful in their lives as they graduate and leave. Their salvation and story in the kingdom of God will continue to be in God’s hands. Please continue to pray for our seniors as they launch on out of here. Let’s pray together for protection over their hearts and for them to be a mighty group of ambassadors for Christ in their next season.