Valentines Event

Feel The Love

By Katie Smylie | February 20, 2020

My children come home from school on Valentine’s Day with bags full of loot. Sweet cards and SweetTarts, pencils, more candy – you name it. They feel the love if you know what I mean. But not everyone feels that kind of love on Valentine’s Day. A few creative women and children got together last week to bring a ray of sunshine to some that might have otherwise had a lonely day. We gathered up all the ribbon, buttons, stickers and hearts to make 80 cards to bring to Acacia Villas and Park Vista, residential facilities for seniors. We made cards from scratch, connected across the table and made new friends, laughed over our sticky, glue-stick hands and heard pieces of each other’s stories. Isn’t it funny how a project focused on helping others to feel connection and love did the same for us?

We brought the cards to Acacia Villas and Park Vista and it was clear that God was at work. It’s sometimes uncomfortable to bring something to a stranger, but after a few chocolates and smiles across the table, we relaxed and enjoyed ourselves for that moment in time. One resident eagerly gave the daughter of our team an adorable teddy bear because she was the youngest of our bunch. It was another place where we were blessed in the giving.

My daughter signed all of the cards she made, “God is with you always.” It’s a message for all of us, but especially important note for the lonely. Pray that as we keep heading back to these places that can be that God would make His presence known and that they would feel the love deep in their souls.

– Katie Smylie