Car-nival Fun

CAR-nival Fun!

By Becca Stavert | June 18, 2020

Something we’ve been hearing from students in our ministries a bit recently is how disappointing the transition from the school year to summer has been during this season of quarantine. Summer for them usually holds the promise of freedom, joy, laughter, fun and newness. However, much of those things that held hope in summertime are not possible now.

So when the Heritage Ministries team got together to figure out how to love students and families well in this season, this was the backdrop. This past Wednesday, that looked like having a drive thru CAR-nival: a makeshift group of eight easy ups, simple games, a dunk tank and a lot of hand sanitizer! Before the event started, we spent time praying that this simple gesture on our end would be a light and gift to our families and community with some of what they felt was lacking – joy, laughter, silliness and fun.

For the next three hours, there were nonstop cars full of loads of kids and teens, and there was not a moment where I didn’t hear laughter, see silliness and feel joy alongside everyone there. I had a moment during the day (while sitting in a dunk tank, of all places) where I was overwhelmed with joy and celebration thinking what a privilege it was to serve and worship the God of joy, silliness and fun on a day like this — I couldn’t help but praise Him!

In a season that has held so much sadness, loss and pain, I thank God for blessing these families with a small taste of His goodness for all His children.

Becca Stavert