A Truth To Claim

By Kelsey Ward | March 19, 2020

On Thursday, March 12, one of my coworkers came into our classroom with a concerned look on her face. She explained that she had been to several different stores that morning looking for basic home goods but couldn’t find any. Then, she notified us that we would be having a staff meeting after work to discuss the measures our school would be taking in response to COVID-19.

A wave of angst overcame me as the reality of COVID-19 set in. Matt and I hadn’t been to the grocery store yet and I became worried as I heard about the lack of resources. I tried to stay focused on the children and the tasks at hand for the remainder of the day but found myself preoccupied as I wondered about the staff meeting.

During the staff meeting, we were notified that our school would be closed for at least two weeks to protect the children, staff and families. My mind scrambled to make sense of all the information and my heart began to race. Up until this point, I felt removed from the effects of COVID-19 but now it was becoming personal. A 2nd wave of anxiety overcame me as I tried to process all of this alarming information.

After the meeting, I eagerly headed home and my husband welcomed me as he had already been working remotely. I shared with him the news that the school would be closed and that I would be home for several weeks. I explained the angst I felt as I heard about empty shelves at grocery stores and suggested we go to the store as soon as possible to stock up. My husband looked at me with a smile and reassuringly stated, “GOD WILL PROVIDE.”

Those three powerful words struck me deeply and all of my anxiety, panic and worry ceased. The light of truth dispersed the darkness I felt within me. He is Jehovah Jireh, the Lord will provide!

Fortunately, we were able to go to the store that afternoon and stock up on food for the coming weeks. However, as I reflect back now I realize that even if the shelves had been empty I could still trust God to provide for our needs. He is trustworthy and His promises to provide for us are true!

In light of all I’ve shared I’d like to invite you to consider what truths you need to claim in the midst of this troubling time. The truths and promises we find in Scripture dispel darkness! We are in a battle for faith in the midst of fear and we need our sword of the Spirit to battle well.

Would you join me in intentionally drawing near to God during this time through His word and other spiritual disciplines? I’ve found that spiritual disciplines help me deepen my relationship with Jesus and I believe it is essential for us to lean into them during this time.

Here is a helpful resource regarding spiritual disciplines that we received at a leadership conference at Fullerton Free several years ago. Please consider how God might be drawing you closer to Him through them and let’s share with one another, our families, our friends and our neighbors!

– Kelsey Ward