Thanks for your interest in auditioning for the Sunday band. To serve in the Sunday band, you must be consistently attending a Sunday service, committed to a lifestyle that is pursuing Jesus, and passionate about serving Jesus and this community here at Fullerton Free.

Here’s a brief run down of the three-step audition process:

  • Application and video submission
  • Notification by Music Ministry staff if moving to a live audition and in-person interview
  • Notification by Music Ministry staff about joining the Sunday band

Please take time to review our expectations and instructions for auditioning. If you have any questions do not hesitate to reach out to music@fullertonfree.com

Sunday Band Skill Requirements:

All musical team members must be able to:

  • Have a competent understanding of your instrument
  • Have a competent understanding of worship music styles
  • Play/sing with confidence
  • Play/sing excellently in front of others
  • Read chord charts
  • Play/sing in tempo
  • Play/sing in different time signatures in a variety of patterns
  • Play/sing dynamically
  • Play/sing on pitch
  • Play/sing to a click track (a metronome)
  • Be able to quickly transpose basic chord progressions (instruments only)
  • Have a basic understanding of major/minor/pentatonic scales and a general understanding of diatonic harmony (instruments only)
  • Demonstrate a basic understanding of improvisation and ad-libbing
  • Follow the direction of the leader’s interpretation of the song
  • Be able to accurately listen to a song and learn your parts
  • Know the Nashville number system
  • Not play if a song requires it, or if asked by the team leader
  • Be willing to learn to use in-ear monitors
  • Understand your role as a member of the greater Fullerton Free music community and attend community nights

Please find additional instrument-specific requirements below

All guitar players must be able to:

  • Know and play all major, minor, and seven chords
  • Properly utilize a capo


  • Able to work cohesively with another guitar player
  • Can accomplish essential standard worship music tones


  • Demonstrate an ability to play complex lead lines
  • Demonstrate an understanding of inversions and minor pentatonic scales

Vocalists must be able to:

  • Hear and be taught parts (sing harmony and melody)
  • Blend with and adapt their vocal style to a team of vocalists
  • Confidently sing into a microphone in front of others
  • Lead a song if asked

Drums/Percussion must be able to:

  • Play with control and in time
  • Follow team leader’s leadership during songs (continue, builds, etc.)
  • Demonstrate proficiency to play at different tempos and styles
  • Display exemplary confidence in song form and groove

Keys must be able to:

  • Know the difference between keys and pad
  • Know how to play tastefully
  • Have an understanding of proper keys sounds
  • Demonstrate an understanding of inversions

Bass must be able to:

  • Know how to lock-in with a drummer
  • Display exemplary confidence in song form and groove

Sunday Band Audition Process

You will need to fully complete an application and submit it along with a video submission of you playing or singing to an instrument specific uploaded track. *** Please play to the exact track that is chosen for your instrument (download it, put it in your headphones, and play along, or something like that!). The video does not need to be incredible quality. You can film on your phone, computer, camcorder, etc. Just make sure that we can hear what you are playing/singing. You can find the tracks and chord charts online here.

You will need a separate submission for each instrument you are auditioning for. After completing the video, upload it to Google Drive, YouTube (make sure it’s marked “unlisted” or else we can’t view it), or Dropbox. On whatever platform you use, make sure that you have marked the video able to be viewed by anyone. There is a spot in the application where you input the link to your video. If you have multiple videos, input all those links in your application.

After reviewing your application and video, you will be contacted by someone on our Music Ministry staff to inform you about whether or not you will be taken to a live audition and interview.

This may seem like a daunting task, but do not fret! Take a deep breath, take your time, and walk through this process carefully and prayerfully. If you have any questions do not hesitate to reach out to music@fullertonfree.com

**If you are auditioning for an instrument that is not included in the uploaded tracks, please contact us for a song to audition to music@fullertonfree.com