Good Hope

Good hope. The first time I heard the words I immediately thought, “as opposed to what, ‘bad hope’?? Isn’t hope inherently good?”

They were interesting questions to ponder — seemingly detached from real life — and then the snow globe of life got a vigorous shaking and I’m still not sure which way is up . . .

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New Song: Draw Near

A week and a half ago, I was asking God what He might have for our church family in this weird season. Was there anything in particular He wanted to say? Was there anything He wanted us to do as we consider ways to respond to Him? And immediately after, I felt like He gave me this song, emphasizing that He just wants us to continually draw nearer to Him. So I pray that as you listen to these words, you would be encouraged to draw closer to Christ, trusting that He holds you, sees you and loves you.

Be blessed!
Christina Marandola