Every Wednesday from 10-11:30am, a group of about 175 people gathers in NC190 for Closer Walk. I have the joy of helping lead this group. On occasion, as I enter the room, it is made very clear that the second I walk in, the average age goes way down! Though it is mostly who we often call “seniors,” I fit right in, and it truly is the highlight of my week.

We pray together, sing, study the bible and connect with one another. I am greeted and hugged, and there is truly such a beautiful sense of family and community. It is evident that a lot of life has been lived in that group — a lot of joys, a lot of loss and a lot of growth. I feel so grateful that I get this amazing gift to spend week after week with these seasoned and wise brothers and sisters of mine. They are prayer warriors and they love God’s Word.

We are currently in a Lenten series going through different gifts we receive because of what Christ did on the cross. This week, we heard from a speaker (over Livestream, of course) about the Access we have to God because of Jesus. Though we weren’t physically together, our group remains connected through the Word and amazing technology!

I pray that in this crazy time where we have to adjust, be creative and trust God in deep ways, we can love each other, including our “senior” brothers and sisters, well. “By this all people will know that you are my disciples, if you have love for one another.” John 13:35

– Kelsey Crowe