We Say “Hi” Now

March 25, 2020

Hi church family,

I miss you so much!

Back in December when all shepherds were asked to sign up for a date to write an eNews letter in 2020, I chose March 26 because it is my birthday. No thought to what would be going on in my life or anything, I just liked the date.

Given everything that’s happened in the past few weeks, I had completely forgotten about it until I got the reminder email on Monday. Okay, I thought, what should I write about? The value of community? No, that’s probably been brought home as we are isolated. How the plagues of the first centuries exploded Christianity due to how Christians responded? Nah, that would take too many words. How we normally live in a classroom and learn faith, but now are living in the lab and seeing if what we have learned really works? Nope, I talked about that with Pursuit last week. My mind kept going from topic to topic.

In the midst of those thoughts my husband, Gino, asked if I wanted to go for a walk. On our walk we passed neighbors, each, in turn, said “hi” when we passed, with the requisite 6 feet in between us. That’s when the theme for this hit me. We say “hi” now. In a time of extreme isolation, people are hungry for contact with others. No one used to say hi when we passed on a walk. It was one of the most jarring things I noticed when we moved to California 10 years ago from Chicago. But now our isolation is having people look into a stranger’s eyes and say hello. Even though I am a massive introvert, I love this. I love that short moment of connection. I also love the thought that these first few benign interactions could turn into conversations here and there as we emerge from our isolation. What relationship will God start between me and a stranger through the simple greeting “hi?” What relationship will He start with you and a stranger? Let’s say “hi” everywhere we can and see.

Trusting His grace.

Katie Potesta

Katie Potesta
Community Groups Shepherd