December 26, 2019

Brothers and Sisters:

Twenty-two years ago, when my wife Kaetchen and I began attending here, it was my intention to just sit quietly in the back and take it all in. I did not want to know anything about the inner workings of the church or be involved in anything beyond attending on Sunday morning.

As time went by, we got involved in a Sunday morning adult fellowship (Synergists), then we were involved with the leadership of that group, then I was on the elder board and served as Church Treasurer, then I left city government and took a role as Assistant Executive Pastor and now serve as Shepherd to Anchor Ministries.

One of the great things about Anchor Ministries is that it includes so many different things. That list includes things like Discipleship, Finances, Facilities, Human Resources, Care, Inter-Gen Ministries and Community Groups. It’s true that some of this is very administrative but that’s outweighed by the opportunities to shepherd – and fortunately I serve with a great team who make all this very manageable.

As part of my discipling ministry I repeatedly talk to our team about relationships – our relationship with Jesus and our relationships with each other.

Which brings me to this – one my favorite Jesus quotes: “Follow Me.”

I think when Jesus said, “Follow me” He probably knew there would be routine stuff to cover. But I also think He was calling us to relationships that only happen when we are with Him, with others here in the church, with other believers and the world. I consider myself very blessed to be in a place where Jesus would not let me just sit in the back and take it in, but rather pushed me to deeper relationships that serve our church body and the community and at the same time help me grow to be more like Jesus.

John Schaefer

John Schaefer
Anchor Ministries