Men’s Retreat 2020

February 13, 2020

Last year I had the privilege of teaming up with a group of men who planned the first Fullerton Free men’s retreat in a decade. After months of planning, 100 of us boarded a private charter boat heading across the ocean to a picturesque retreat center on Catalina Island. You can only get to this camp by boat and as we docked the sun was shining down on the crystal blue water. There was a cool breeze in the air. No more than an hour passed before a crew of guys made their way to the basketball court right off the water in the center of camp. I looked around and saw men of all ages and social groups laughing, talking and enjoying the view and company. No one was distracted by their phones or emails because there was no reception. If you had sat down in a beachside chair you could have looked one direction to see a group of guys fishing off the dock, another direction and there were guys skipping rocks into the ocean, yet in another direction, a few others sat in lounge chairs reading their Bibles and talking. It was awesome – a space where men from Fullerton Free could go deeper with friends and make new friendships at the same time. A weekend to rest, relax, laugh, unwind, be challenged in our faith and go home feeling like God spoke to us and gave us perspective on our lives.

We had so much fun last year that we’ve decided to do it again. So on May 15-17th, we’re headed back to Catalina Island and we have space for many more guys to join us. I’m excited to share that Jeff Tacklind, lead pastor at Little Church by the Sea is coming to teach from the Bible. Jeff worked at our church 20 years ago in our youth ministry and is a great biblical communicator and author.

You can catch some of our pictures from the retreat last year.

If you would like to join us this year you can find out more details and register.

Joel Elwood

Joel Elwood
Shepherd of Frontier Ministries