Invited Into Meaning

February 20, 2020

True confession: The other day I was working on some insurance and benefits items on my to-do list at work and it started feeling tedious and monotonous. I felt myself longing instead to do some “meaningful ministry.” Whatever it is that you do for a living, I’m sure you can relate. Maybe you have pieces of your job or daily routine that feel monotonous or that don’t seem to be as meaningful.

Work can be complicated, can’t it? So much of our identity can get tied up in what we do. And sometimes we measure success by results that are different from the way God measures. However, I was reminded this week that our work is successful if it brings glory to God. Period. And it is always possible to bring glory to God in our work if even just by the attitude and posture in which we approach our work.

Here’s the thing I’m having to learn and relearn: God will continue to redeem this world and His people with or without our help. But the exciting part is that He allows us, and even invites us, to participate with Him in His redemptive work. And He loves it when we do! Yet I wonder how many times we miss the opportunity because we are looking for something that seems more important or more meaningful.

Instead, what if we approach whatever has been entrusted to us with value? And today, maybe we start by mowing that lawn, creating that spreadsheet, changing that diaper or filing that paperwork knowing that He’s with us in it and we are doing it for His glory!

Jenn Hale

Jenn Hale
Staff Shepherd/HR Director