Connecting With Our Neighbors

December 12, 2019

Last weekend we celebrated an amazing, wonderful three-day event called Christmas Blvd. (If you missed it, maybe you could mark your calendar now for next year!) Volunteers and staff created a beautiful environment that pointed toward Christ in many ways. One of my favorite moments was on Sunday night when the mariachi band took to the outdoor stage. I watched as many individuals from our surrounding community were drawn in, sat down to listen and sang along. It was a beautiful moment that reflected our very hope for Christmas Blvd.

I know some may wonder how mariachi bands are tied to Christmas, but I think the bigger question is how Fullerton Free is tied to our community – and not just at Christmas. We want to continue to ask: “How can we connect with our neighbors year-round?”

We already live in neighborhoods all throughout our cities. It’s as if God has planted each of us uniquely into specific neighborhoods to be the salt and light to our community. We don’t have to wait until they show up next Christmas. Instead, we can show up in their lives, and invite them into our lives; and we can do this tomorrow, and next Wednesday, too. If you need a mariachi band to get started, let us know and we can get you their number.

Thank you to all of you who made this year’s Christmas Blvd a fantastic event!

Jeff Lilley

Jeff Lilley
Senior Associate Shepherd