Alive and Relevant

March 5, 2020

Now concerning the coming of the Lord . . .

I know where I was and can even picture my seat in the room the first time I heard those words from 2 Thessalonians. It was on the heels of a big move from the east coast to the west coast, and a time of transition. As God’s Word began to open my eyes, it hit me how much more there was to God than I had ever imagined. My mind was like a merry-go-round spinning on the emotions, a bit of fear and exhilaration. It felt like the SoCal sun was thawing out my somewhat frozen relationship with Jesus. That was 20 years ago, yet the same kinds of feelings are surfacing now as our church reads and studies 2 Thessalonians together on Sundays. Scripture is alive and relevant in every season.

Since that thawing season all those years ago, getting together with people to talk about God’s Word has been an essential part of my life. In women’s Bible studies, home groups and dinner table discussions, I’ve watched the Holy Spirit reveal truth about God over and over again. Just yesterday morning I sat with a group of women who read verses out of the Psalms, encouraging each other to trust God despite our circumstances. I left those ladies feeling free and full of life – I couldn’t stop smiling.

Where are you talking about the Bible and listening to the Spirit with other believers? Do you have a place where your heart is comforted and you can learn with friends to cling to the good hope Christ offers? Consider joining a men’s or women’s Bible study, a life group or a Sunday community group. New routines and people can be challenging, but when the payoff is more of Jesus, you can’t go wrong.

Katie Smylie

Katie Smylie
Shepherd of Women's Ministry