Women’s Gather, Grub and Get to Know You

By Jenn Hale | June 24, 2021

Last Friday night almost 70 Fullerton Free women showed up on the Plaza for the first in-person women’s event in a long time. This diverse group of women spanned the generations including young women who had just graduated college, all the way to women who have been coming to Women’s events at Fullerton Free for up to six decades. There were single women (never married), single moms, married women and widows. There were working women and stay-at-home moms, women who were a bit hesitant to be out in public again and women that were 100% ready for hugs.

What is it that could unite such a diverse group of women? The answer to that is obviously tacos and cupcakes. As we broke bread (or tortilla chips), the conversations flowed. We discussed what has been hard for us in this past season, what has been refreshing and surprising, the ways we saw God work, and the things we are excited for in the next season. We also took some time to think and discuss how we impact our circles of influence.

Although tacos and cupcakes brought us together, Jesus was so clearly the thread that was woven through the night. He is in those of us who have trusted in Him for decades and in those who have trusted in Him for weeks, and He is pursuing those who are just beginning to be curious about Him. The night was evidence that Fullerton Free women are just as hungry for connection as they are for tacos, and I can’t wait to see what God does in this next season!