Thanksgiving Offering

God continues to bless us through the generosity of his people. Because of your generous giving over the last few years to the $50 Thousand Days of Christmas, we still have funds available for personal ministry opportunities. If there is a friend or neighbor you know that is going through a difficult time, or you have an idea of how to bring hope to someone this season, please let us know!

Previously we would take an offering around Thanksgiving to accomplish a specific project around the church.

As you may recall, we recently had to get rid of our Big Blue Bus. We need to replace it, and we would like to purchase one new medium-sized bus and a couple of smaller, more versatile vans. The total cost for all of the vehicles is $210,000. However, we have a donor who has offered to donate one-third of the cost, and the church would contribute another third out of existing funds. We just need to raise $70,000 – the final third!

Because of the impact of COVID, the youth ministry has changed! This is a great opportunity for our youth teams to be able to work with smaller groups and cohorts of students. It allows them to continue local mission opportunities, beach trips and school outreach efforts.

We are inviting you to join us in this exciting opportunity! You can donate to the Thanksgiving Offering below, or on the App or the website. You can also designate “Thanksgiving Offering” on your check or giving envelope.

Thank you for being a faithful part of this ministry!

50K Days of Christmas Masthead


We are excited to continue our annual $50 Thousand Days of Christmas campaign! As we strive to be a church who displays the revolutionary kindness of Jesus, we invite you to join us in caring for and meeting the needs of those who are in our circles. We encourage you to COLLABORATE with us in suggesting ideas on how to distribute the funds we already have to those in need. As you submit ideas, a discernment team will meet to determine how we can put the existing funds to use in blessing others.

Through the 50k Campaign, our church has rallied to give ideas and funds to bless…

  • A neighbor with truck repairs.
  • Students with scholarships.
  • A single mom with a new refrigerator.
  • A son in jail with a flood of encouraging notes.
  • Families with mounting medical bills.
  • A local school with shoes for kids.
  • A new foster mom with a dresser of new clothes for her girls.

This year, what can we do together to bless our community?