50K Days of Christmas Masthead

Thanksgiving Offering 2019:
$50K Days of Christmas


We are excited to announce our annual Thanksgiving Offering campaign called the "$50 Thousand Days of Christmas!" As we strive to be a church of radical kindness and generosity, it is our goal to COLLECT $50,000 in order to CARE for the greater community around us. And while we encourage you to give financially to this effort, we also encourage you to COLLABORATE with us in suggesting ideas on how to distribute the funds to those in need. As you submit ideas, our task force will meet to determine how we can put the entirety of the collected funds to use in blessing others.

Last year, our church rallied to give ideas and funds to bless…

  • A neighbor with truck repairs.
  • Students with scholarships.
  • A single mom with a new refrigerator.
  • A son in jail with a flood of encouraging notes.
  • Families with mounting medical bills.
  • A local school with shoes for kids.
  • A new foster mom with a dresser of new clothes for her girls.

This year, what can we do together to bless our community?